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ABLESIA is a Minimalist clothing brand for women, whose objective is to create pieces that are made in order to last. We don’t believe in fashion trends, instead we follow our own aesthetics, which we aim to be timeless.

Our pieces blend Design with simple shapes, all in all for an easy, effortless look that you can combine with other clothing items that you have in your wardrobe, aiming to make women’s day to day lives less complicated.

ABLESIA is also a brand that is commited to ethical standards and to people who care about Nature and the Environment. We buy surpluses and deadstocks from local factories in Portugal, thus avoiding fabrics to be needlessly disposed of and ending up in landfills.

Lyoncell, viscose, organic cotton and cupro are some of the fabrics that we use for our garments, materials that are more ecological and Environment friendly.

All the pieces are one size only, which fits the vast majority of people; this aspect helps us regarding production coordination tactics, while avoiding stock accumulation.

Every ABLESIA piece is designed and developed by us, from its inception to the very last details, in our little studio in Setúbal, a beautiful seaside city in Portugal.


ASA aims at being a leading company for producing sustainable and progressive ideas and executing the same to make high quality lifestyle products.


Crow is a contemporary Indian brand. It is founded by Shaila Khubchandani. It is a reflection of functionality, hope for the environment and inclusive communities. The brand is an amalgamation of traditional and modern sensibility. Conventional techniques are employed to create modern relaxed silhouettes. Crow harnesses the craftsmanship and knowledge of the artisan and translates it into wearable, artistic and meaningful clothing. Each garment is a culmination of an empathetic partnership between designer, artisan, and karigar (crafts person).

The textiles used are of utmost significance and are crafted in different parts of India. The brand attempts to add a touch of luxury and ignite a perception of exquisite beauty towards the traditional khadi fabrics.

Sustainability is central to their philosophy. Crow attempt to engage in mindful manufacturing across the different process. Their clothes are handcrafted, handwoven using traditional methods by artisans, and colored in soothing elemental hues


Vaneesha Advani, is an Indo Canadian, she was born in Ghana, West Africa and was raised in India, she moved to New York at age of seventeen to study fashion design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, New York, after that she moved to Canada, she then culminated 14 years of Vancouver and Montreal-based experience with other fashion houses, importers and buyers, designing clothing, and forecasting trends. Armed with a wealth of fashion experience Advani decided to create her own jewellery collection, Designs By Sonia in 2008, the company was formed in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Philosophy is to enhance that woman, whose presence is felt instantaneously where ever she appears. The collection is true to her; it is ageless, contemporary and bold, it is always moving forward.

A lot of thought is put together in creating each collection including attention to details, an overall look, quality workmanship, feel and appeal. The whole idea is to create designs and send them out into the world to observe the reaction, learn from the feedback and continue to create.

Designs by Sonia provides the subtle luxury for women who want to stand apart and have calm confidence. It is an amazing experience working with every collection, I will continue to design for that special women.


“divka” is a design team established by two creators in 2011, based in Tokyo. We are developing the projects beyond fashion.
We are simply thinking to create “mode” and clothes, Our basic attitude is believeing the power of the beauty,
inserting the adjective “beautiful” before the word “new” through our indivisual point of view.
Our aim is to create what people feel beauty by intuition what impress their mind strongly to convey our thoughts.


Creating beautiful clothes should not be at the expense of our future. In 2008, Daniela Pais founded Elementum with the vision to change the way we make and wear clothes.

Elementum is a sustainable fashion brand which is build on: Zero Waste, using natural materials, and being made in Europe. With designs that are timeless and multi-functional Elementum offers a range of expression and identity that fits the fast changing contexts of today’s fashion.

Elementum believes we wear our clothes and not the clothes wear us. We offer clothes to inspire you and enrich your day, to give you space for self-expression. You decide how to put them on, either as a scarf, shirt or dress.



NRK Style came into the spotlight in 2013, breaking out of the original ANARKH collection in order to expand the look to broader audiences, along with the introduction of plus sizes. The playful styles of NRK Style are designed to celebrate all women.

NRK style is designed and made in the U.S.



Tina Givens is a multi-faceted artist and designer. With a heritage of organic and African aesthetics, a rebellious spirit and bespoke eye for design, Tina is an ever evolving avant-garde creator and maker. 

Tina’s approach to style is raw, layered and deconstructed. With a subtle nod to historic generations, garments are modern, emotional and poetic. Mostly monochromatic palettes mix with gentle color to conjure fluidity in an organic rhythm.  Tina’s work is rooted in texture, tribal nuances and simplicity in construction, with unexpected elements & details.

Balancing sophistication and distressed raw edges and materials, natural fibers with earthy elements. Collections interact and attract empowered, confident women who appreciate individuality, craftsmanship and unexpected design.